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How to get deposit refund:

  1. In order to get the full deposit amount back, fridge must be defrosted!
  2. Your deposit amount will be refunded to the card used to rent the fridge within a month after returning you fridge.

Cancel/request refund of order:

  1. Fill out Refund form below the Service Request form.
  2. Be sure to enter your order number. It should be in the order confirmation email sent on fridge purchase.

To switch the type of fridge you bought:

  1. Request a refund of your current fridge by following the instructions above.
  2. Order your desired fridge.

Where/When to pick up fridge?

  1. Dates and times for pickup and return are listed under Pickup/Return tab.


  1. When you order from this site it is a one time payment for the length of the lease that includes the deposit amount.
  2. Deposit will be returned when the fridge is returned clean and defrosted.

Service Request:

For general inquiries, you can skip over filling out dorm information.

For refund request, DO NOT fill out this form, fill out the one below.

Refund Request

For asking for refunds ONLY.

Find your order number in your confirmation email.